Anaya Kunt

Musician, Composer, Editor
Brasília, Brazil

About Anaya


Composer,performer,singer, producer, from Brasilia in Brazil, although she has an international profile.A professional musician that is also a dancer and an instrumental performer since 4 years old: an artistic premature talented artist with a sense of self-taught person, she is also educated in dance, singing, art painting, drama, and maily in guitar, Piano, and in computers. With a Post-Doctorate in Information technologies in the USA(Syracuse) and PhD in England, Anaya has been travelling all over the world and has been performing in international hotels the pop brazilian music.
She loves meditation, yoga and taichi as well as alternative healing therapies.
Ascap(1998) and AscapAward Plus(2004 and 2005), The Recording Academy(2003), AllMediaGuide-AMG(2003).

Areas of Expertise

Music composer , Computer Science, meditation and health, Taichi

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