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Mather, CA, United States

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teaching students via simulations, games, research talks to have them be fully engaged in learning

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science, changing world via new educational techniques, incorporating technology, making of an awesome tomorrow

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Handeep Kaur
Posted about 3 years ago
When we think we have no options, can we change our perception? Does having options make us happier?
I think having options forces us to go through the process and make a decision. It forces us to think and really analyze what is best for us. We make mistakes, and some continue to continuously make mistakes and possibly never 'learn', however its a such a great intellectual challenge, a pursuit of happiness. Even if there are circumstances in which you are not given an option, you choose to decide how you feel, how you proceed, to fight, to continue to pursue what makes you right. For humanity, its important to allow for all choices, all options to be put forth. It determines our destiny, our growth. Options give us independence, and it is only the responsibility of the individual to change our perceptions, to learn, etc. In any given situation, I would learn about the topic, hear out anyone that has something to say, and then decide on what should happen; change my perspective, change the circumstances, do one first and perhaps change it later, etc. The economics of happiness can be separated from the economics of material (things/consumerism).