mark johnson

CEO Life To The Brim, Inc, Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Retired
Leesburg, FL, United States

About mark


Mark A. Johnson is transformational speaker whose audiences include middle, elementary and high students, inmates, and churches, social and other organizations. His “High Impact Dramatization Experience”, (HIDE) is an impactful presentation geared toward youth addressing: Youth intervention, prevention, bullying, choices, drugs, gangs, crime and education. He is a certified Dream Coach and Dream Coach Group Leader, True Purpose Coach, work shop presenter, Prince Hall Mason, 32' Shriner and Rotarian. He has given keynote and other presentations, impacting, encouraging and empowering others lives in the process. Mark obtained his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology from Tennessee State University and master’s degree in Human Resources Development from Webster University, Kansas City, Kansas. He is a disabled veteran. His tours included the Middle East, Europe and South East Asia. He began his duty with the Bureau of Prisons in 1992 as a correctional officer at FCI Tallahassee, Florida. He has held the position of Case Manager, Assistant Case Management Coordinator, Case Management Coordinator and Unit Manager. He has served on Special Operations Response and Disturbance Control Teams and served as the Complex Hostage Negotiation Team Leader. He has worked in various security level facilities from Maximum, to Minimum as well as female. He also served at the United States Disciplinary Barracks, Leavenworth Kansas, the military's only maximum security facility. He has served as board of director of the Daisy House of Apopka, Florida for abused girls and Habitat for Humanity, Apopka, Florida. He also help start and served on the Department of Juvenile Justice Accountability Board for at risk youth in Leesburg, Florida. He currently serves as Mentoring Coordinator for the Central Florida Police Athletic League, Inc. in the Pine Hills and Mercy Drive area of Orlando, Florida an area known for high crime. He has mentored in several local programs including: The Micah Project of First Baptist Church Leesburg, Florida, YMCA, Junior Achievement, Upward Bound, and the Boys and Girls Club of Lake and Sumter County. He assisted in creating the Children's Home Society Model Program and served as its first male mentor. He as has been featured on both local and national radio and Lake TV.
He is the founder of Life to the Brim, an organization established with the intention of helping others achieve their dreams. He has Authored two books, Multiple Streams of Success and the DreamBook (a life coaching book for teens). He is currently working on two more books, Nana Where’s My Daddy and Life Sentence.
Accomplishments: Mark was awarded the Outstanding African American Citizen Award for 2008 by the Father’s House Christian Center; he was selected as an Outstanding Young Man of America and Cambridge 2011 “Who’s Who”. He is the founding member of the Lake Harris of Leesburg Toastmaster and is the current president. He placed second place in the 2009 Toastmasters International District contest for Florida and recently placed second place in the 2010 Division 84 Toastmaster Evaluation contest. He was instrumental in establishing the first Toastmasters club at the Federal Female Minimum security facility in Coleman, Florida called the Women of Wit. The club achieved the Presidential Distinguished designation its first year as a chapter. He developed a pilot re-entry life coaching program at Lake Correctional Institution in Clermont, Florida. It is the first program of its kind in Florida state corrections. Mark has now placed the pilot inmate life coaching curriculum titled 'Transformational Restoration" in two more state correctional facilities with the intention of placing the curriculum in every state prison in Northern and Central Florida and eventually in every prison in America. His personal purpose statement is summarized as, "Impacting those in the space he occupies."

Areas of Expertise

Corrections, Inmate Programs, Juvenile Prevention Program, Bullying Workshop Presenter, Inmate Life Coach, Inmate Juvenile, Adult Reentry Transition Coach, Hostage Negotiations, Public Speaking, Dream Coach and True Purpose Coach, Motivational Keynote Speaker

An idea worth spreading

Emphasis on individual(s) living a life of purpose and thereby impacting those in the space they occupy. Reflecting upon individual passion, as it bridges to purpose and is a conduit to fulfilling dreams. Encouraging others to pursue their passion. What would you love to do and not get paid for it? That's true passion. What is success? can money buy it? We live in a society filled with dreams and aspirations of wealth, a society that likes to believe that money will bring with it happiness and success, yet unfortunately this is not the case. With millions in their bank accounts many did nothing to ease their suffering except through taking their own life (Business Pundit). There is more to life than self. When we seek to reach outside of our-self and embrace another pain or need then we truly levitate above where we exist. It's not about color, religion, ethnicity, etc., it's about making the world a better place by being the best and most purposeful we were created to be.

I'm passionate about

Impacting those in the space I occupy. I do this through verbal expression in the area of public speaking, keynote, coaching (inmates, juveniles, adults), personal, group coaching and dramatization.

Talk to me about

Your purpose and how it impacts those in the space you occupy. How you are a change agent and how you seek to impact not only those in the space you occupy but the world, your dreams and aspirations.

People don't know I'm good at

Feeling compassion, interpreting kids movies and extracting the deeper meanings (Happy Feet), being unbiased, respecting all faith groups, embracing diversity, that I buy other's food at the store....

My TED story

That I am the champion for the rejected, dejected and neglected, that I go into the bowels of the beast (prison), schools, churches board rooms and share a deeper meaning of life positively elevating inmates (adults and juvenile,s) criminal thinking to a higher level of pro-social and cognitive thinking. I use a High Impact Dramatization Experience (HIDE) as an eye catching, impactful tool for school age youth and inmates regarding wrongful choices and the importance of education, intention, vision, integrity, positive beliefs and dream team building (networking) in the accomplishment of dreams, goals and establishing relationships. I use my experience of being abused, nearly killed, witnessing devastation and sadness as my impetus to impact those in the space I occupy, realizing I may not be able to change the world but I can impact those in the space I occupy. My Personal Purpose Statement is "To Inspire, Impact, Empower and help Transform those in the space I occupy." DREAM ON