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Elisa caner
Posted about 3 years ago
How to encourage debate?
=> Keep up to date with the latest global controversies. Religion and abortion are surely interesting topics to discuss about, but people may be annoyed by debating these issues because they are continuously discussed. Momentarily, global affairs are dominated by the next French elections, and namely the arising conflict between Sarkozy and Hollande, and the increasing popularity of right wing parties. Discuss these issues, ask for people's opinions on the matter. The essential point i'm making that u need to be up to date with the latest political disputes and debates. This will be effective in stipulating debate. => The second important thing for you to do is market your forum. Advertise it on different social networks, create a facebook community page, promote it on youtube. There are countless ways for you to promote your forum. By doing this, you will hopefully attract a greater number of people to join in the debate. This will inevitably lead in more diversity of opinion. If you want to attract different opinions on the matter maybe you should check right-wing debate pages and left-wing communities, and ask them to join in your debate session.