Martina Ferrero

Student in Translation and Interpreting, Scuola Tricolore Genova
Genova, Italy

About Martina


My name is Martina Ferrero, I'm 21 and I am an Italian student of translation and interpreting at the University of Genova, Italy. I am currently studying at the Unversity of Warwick thanks to the ERASMUS Programme and I am also teaching Italian as a foreogn language. I love what I am studying, expecially interpreting, but my most important experience was the teaching one. While teaching I feel at ease and very motivated. I think that conversation with students is really important for them to get used to the sound of the language, to speak and learn how to use the language in a real situation. I have had students from different countries and of different ages, I have learned how to adapt my teaching method to student's needs. I have also learned how to interact with colleagues, trying to preserve a positive work environment.


English, French, Italian, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Translataion English to Italian , translation French to Italian, teaching Italian as a foreign language

An idea worth spreading

It might be boring and outdated topic, but I think that, expecially in some countries, people still don't realize how harmful to us and our planet is the extensive livestock farming. I am a vegan and for a lot of reasons including health, environment, ethics and conscious thinking. We have to stop seeing animals as things to sell, buy and eat, we have to stop justifying cruelty with the sentence ''But it's so good!"

I'm passionate about

I am very passionate about technology and astronomy but also about music - I sing in a rock band - and cinema - I am taking a course in film studies at the University of Warwick.

Favorite talks