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Skopje, Macedonia

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I am a student in Foreign Languages and Business who is willing to spread ideas worldwide, bring about a positive change and help when I can. I sincerely believe that TED speeches need to be translated in as many languages as possible to share ideas on an international level and contribute for a better world.

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Languages, Leadership, Communication, Culture & many more topics.


FON University

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Dimitar Dimitrovski
Posted almost 3 years ago
Daphne Koller: What we're learning from online education
Drawn by my curiosity for more knowledge I have "discovered" Coursera some time ago. Amazed by my new "discovery" that allowed me a glimpse into a whole new world of knowledge and academia, I have been using Coursera for quite a while now following several courses of interest. From personal experience I can say that it enables students to learn in a creative and interactive way presenting them with worldwide friends who are eagerly learning the same material. The idea of starting Coursera is truly spectacular because the purpose of education is advancement. And how we would achieve that if education isn't available or isn't affordable? Free education is the key to a whole new and better world. Even now when I watch the video I can feel the excitement of a new world of opportunity. Thank you! Keep up with the amazing work! You have started a quest for finding the new Einstein or shall I say the new Einsteins of our time. Brilliant!