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facilatator for visually impaired person , spreading the sun shine
Karachi, Pakistan

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My name is shazia hasan. I am a differently abled person. In this forum I will
share my life experiences such as my blindness, my achievements,
and how technology has transformed me, my life and my mission.

Follow your dreams and your dreams will become a reality
I was born with chronic glaucoma. . I lost
vision of my right eye when I was a few days old child. I became totally
blind when I was eight years old. I felt sad that I had lost my sight
but was thankful that not only I retained my "vision", it became stronger
with the passage of every day.

I cannot see with my eyes but I can see with my heart. I can feel the smiling child,
the blooming flowers, the confident faces of our youth, the chirping birds, winter, spring, rain, and everything around me.

I believe that smile is a weapon against all difficulties of life.
That is why I always thank God that he has blessed me with many
abilities infact I am a differently abled girl. Till the age of eight, I had enjoyed painting, physical sports, the beautiful sky, the
mountains, the beauty of green grass with beautiful flowers etc all
memories are present in my mind. When I lost my total sight I started
exploring my other senses the beautiful smells, the beautiful
sounds, the sweet tastes. So I use my other senses to live a happy, healthy
and independent life. Like when I had my vision I use to play hide and
seek, my vision helped me at that time. After loosing my sight my
hearing helped me to play the same game. Infact when I am dependent on
my hearing I can perform the same task much better. Because
when I am in one corner of the room, My senses inform me that
what is happening in other corners of the room. I have learnt that hope is the key
of success. I am blessed that I have a loving family / friends. The
thing which has always helped me to achieve success in life is my belief
in God, and the motivation of my parents. I believe that everything
is possible if we start work for achieving it, not by just dreaming
or complaining.

I received my education from idarieu school by using books in Braille
language. As I was very fond of board games like monopoly cards ludo
ext. my father brought all games for me in Braille. I had a cheerful
childhood. When the computer training for visually impaired was introduced
in Pakistan by a trainer who had his training in the Royal National Institute for the Blind, UK.
I was the first student to enrol for the training. Thus I became first blind computer user of Pakistan.
After completion of my training my parents gifted me a computer and the screen reading
software "JAWS" After that time my life become independent. I wrote
articles in many reputed news papers and magazines. I could connect
with my friends via emails or via other social medias. Daily I browse the internet to gain information. As I said I am differently abled I can also do all the same computer related task like you. I can work on msword, ms excel, ms access, ms powerpoint, use internet, by
using the screen reading software jaws (job access with speech). I also have my blog which
you can visit at I repeat

As it is my dire wish to help the visually impaired person of
Pakistan. So I introduced jaws based computer training for visually
impaired persons at ida rieu school for the blind.
As technology has opened doors of success for visually impaired
persons, I can independently operate my cell phone including sending and receiving texts
with the help of a software called talks.

Here I would like to share some of my some achievements with you.

After receiving my education from idarieu school for blind and proficiency in the use of
Computers, I decided to spread the skill to assist other visually impaired persons
improve their quality of life.

In 2001 I introduced jaws based computer training for visually
impaired children in same school. Over 200 boys and girls trained are making
effective use of computer, exchanging emails, chatting and reading news papers, books etc.

Many of these trained persons are now employed by Standard Chartered Bank, United Bank,
Karachi Electric Supply Company to name few..

I am grateful to the Media for airing my interviews and talk shows which has enhanced awareness
and more and more visually impaired persons are looking for the ray of hope.

I am also grateful to

KFC for best teacher award in 2007.
Rotary Club Karachi for best teacher award 2007.
Ida Rieu for best teacher award 2009

for Recognising my efforts and achievements, some of them I will share with you, has
given me tremendous strength to continue with more dedication and has strengthened
me to not to be disheartened by lack of awareness in Government and Society.

Some of my efforts which have gone to these recognition and strengthened my will are

Worked as Techn

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Information Technology, information technology jaws softwware , information technology jaws softwware counselling