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Mumbai, India

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A Professional with an over 3 years of relevant experience in Strategy/Management Consulting Industry & Currently Working as Freelance Business Consultant
MBA-Marketing (A.I.C.T.E Approved) from ISBS, Pune
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology From PCTI (SMU),New Delhi from Shyamlal College(Delhi University),New Delhi
H.S.C (Commerce) from DAV Public School (C.B.S.E), New Delhi
S.S.C from RPS Residential Public School ( I.C.S.E), Patna
Employment Recital
Working as Freelance Business Consultant since Sep 10 in Mumbai
Key Deliverables:-
Sourcing New clients and maintain relationship with existing clients to drive sales
Planning & execution of marketing activities I.e.: Kiosks, Pamphlet designing & distribution, Social Media & Referral based incentive programme etc. to promote business & sell consultancy based services in a cost effective manner.
Understand customer Needs/Problems/Bottlenecks to provide better solution
Data collection & processing (i.e.: in to useful Information) using Microsoft office tools, analytical skills etc. for shaping problem structure properly
Drafting & handling implementation of strategy along with arranging peoples whose skills are required for proper implementation of a strategy in a cost effective manner & within stipulated time frame.
Handle team of Business associates & drive them towards common goal
Maintain relationship with vendors i.e.: Media Houses, Banks & other financial Institution to provide client best of available solution along with choices as per client requirement.
Arranging loan (All type of retail & Business loan) through debt syndication from Banks, NBFC etc.
Drafting & Proper Execution of Media Based activities i.e.: Integrated marketing communication strategy for our client along with media buying.
Preparation of Reports, Presentations, Project Data, and Research based Information etc.
Handle Client Service process to make sure greater level of client satisfaction in a cost effective manner without disrupting process pace.

Industrial Training:
Organization: Standard Chartered Bank, New Delhi
Dept: Shared Access distribution Dept.
Duration: June’09-July’09 ( 2 Months)
Conducted a Comparative Study On Systematic Investment Plan And Lump-Sum Investment Plan. Viz. Mutual Funds.
Project is authored with an objective to study the investment pattern of investors and identify the factors which influences perception of investors while taking Investment decisions i.e.: Mode of Investment ( SIP or Lump Sum)
Professional Development:
Successfully completed workshop on innovation matrix by Mr. Roger La Salle of La Salle Matrix Thinking Ltd., Australia.
Undergone a stimulation based learning programme on large account selling creating client value developed by IMPARTA in conjunction with LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL, INSEAD, and NEIL RECKHAM facilitated by STRATECENT CONSULTANT, Pune & Completed a 250-hour comprehensive performance-based Leadership Development Programme by Stratecent Consulting.
Corporate Grooming and Etiquette Training conducted by Mr. Minochar Patel, Motivational speaker and communications Trainer.
Participated in Various Media & Financial Workshops, Marketing & Innovation Conference, Leadership Summit etc. organized by Various Institutions & Industries.
Personal Dossier:

Date of Birth: 2ND June 1986
Address: B-708,Rock Enclave
Near Sahyadri Nagar
Charkop, Kandivali (West)
Mumbai-400 067
Languages Known: English, Hindi, & Marwari
Passport : Yes
Marital Status: Unmarried
Social Media Profile: LinkedIn, Too Step, Facebook, Twitter, Media Blogs, RSS,TED Conference

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Life is Like a sea, unless a person do not wish to leave the safety of harbor till then he can not sail in the open seas meaning simple do whatever you want to do but have the ability to take risk and believe in what you are doing? do not go with the criticism of others take positive point out of them and ignore rest

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Music,Travelling.... In music i Search for god the spiritual feeling and travelling i think i am born for that don't you think really meet me then yeah what say

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Ideas,Innovation,People say not possible,Creation,Business,Opportunities,Some Beautiful Hidden places from eye of world love to explore,Networking,Exchange of resources,lastly anything

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I love to roam give me an international passport with lots of cash i can roam world throughout my life. I love Music,Playing Guitars,party hard ,work hard,Study books,Debate,Explore,Create

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well articulated, well thought off a great platform for the world to share their ideas when i came to know about this site and after seeing what it offers just one word: wow

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Ashish Bhartia
Posted about 2 years ago
What should be the right proportion of capital investments in venture projects?
In Venture Projects Hardly one can predict the future with certainty. Sudden Global Crisis, Slump in Demand or supply of raw materials, Political Crisis, Technological Changes etc are few factors that determines the fate of any venture. Market today are really unpredictable. In venture projects one should see how much project is flexible enough to cop up with the uncertainty in short can we mitigate risk is project plan properly incorporate ways for it if answer is yes then we can decide how much capital we should pour in to it. always think for long run then short run as return will come in long run only. Proportion should be based on projection keeping in view all the factors stated above.