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Parker, CO, United States

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Ryan Brown
Posted about 2 years ago
Kindness is contagious.... Why not have a "World Kindness Day". What is the one single thing you would do on that day and its ripple effect.
I don't really agree that kindness MUST be spontaneous. We all get lost in our everyday lives and often overlook simple "random acts of kindness". I would support the idea whole-heartedly as a way to make people think about it. (Anybody from Hallmark out there? Great opportunity!) Maybe if we are reminded of it once a year we may think about it more often? Or, at the very least, cause a "kindness season" so to speak? As far as the ripple effect that any one act of kindness may cause.... Now that I would say is best left untouched. At best I would hope that it just makes another person whom observed my act perform a similar (or even bigger, better) act. Thanks for sharing.