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Data Analyst, Barclays
Manchester, Uk, United Kingdom

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I have found TED very inspirational as of lately and think that some of the talks that they conduct are pointing in the right direction and need to be voiced more across the globe to get people thinking more creatively and positively together as well as privately. Early years: primary school - not much to report, family holidays abroad, experiencing life as a kid (great!) Secondary School: Experiencing the great regrets in life but cherishing them. The usual. 6th Form - Again attempting hard work probably failing that and still enjoying being a big kid. University; decided against that and decided to work for Barclays PLC doing an apprenticeship in IT. This is working in Teradata looking at Data Quality, I will be working towards a degree soon. SO thats me. I still have a link to TED through the concepts and believe in presenting your ideas and voicing opinions, I enjoy presentations and the ideas that people have the courage to show to a group of strangers and that is the beauty of TED that it is a vast collection from some truely great speakers.

My TED story

Not 100% sure what this is so a small story for everyone which is just about me and learning to be an adult at a young age. At the age of about 12 my mother became ill with cancer, this in a very selfish way didn't affect me too greatly and continue on with life in my own way. Still battling through it now. At age 14 my Dad becomes ill with motor neurones disease, the early stages of this didn't affect me too badly. Even though we knew he was going to die. About half a year down the line things start to get worse, this is where I have to start growing up before I should. My brother and sister not at home in the main so down to my mum and I to look after my Dad. This means helping feed him, shave him (which I could barely do anyway) less of a child more adult at age 16, less socialising, more family. Eventually age 16 my Dad passes away 2 weeks before AS level with little revision I have to knuckle down and work and this is my life changing story which led to me being a man at age 16.

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Guy Shaw
Posted over 3 years ago
How to pro-actively attract customers through ATM?
I think that when people are using ATM's especially in busy locations they try to just get the money out and go. They don't want another place where they could potentially get advertisement from. Plus with people moving further away from ATM's and more about digital money it would become less frequent. With people using online banking to pay people, with their credit card / debit card or through their mobiles via Barclays Pingit for example. I believe that ATM's will become more of the past than the future. It might be more of an idea for advertisement to come from online banking as people tend to be increasingly using this more. For example the bank can see to a certain extend what sort of products you are buying and what transactions you use therefore could promote a product to them via their online banking account saying that this could benefit them in 'x' , 'y' 'z'