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Salvador, Brazil

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Lygya Maya, is an intuitive Brazilian life coach integrating her powers of intuitive Amazonian shamanic healer, top-notch business coach, and entertainment! A compelling speaker and brilliant entertainer, she fires up international audiences with her wisdom, laughter, dancing, singing, and her outrageous comedic wit. Maya is a former coach/mentor with Tony Robbins for 3 years travelling in his company helping thousands become unstoppable! Now she is writing her own books and articles and has become a pathfinder and inspiration for others. Now living in Brazil producing her own radio programs “Stress Exterminator!” and “Love the Emotions You Hate” based on her book with the same title.



Areas of Expertise

Education & Development on emotions

An idea worth spreading

The past is worth remembering if we use it to live our “PRESENT” better!

If we truly learn the lessons life gives us the opportunity to learn everything is going to be fine!

The more pressure we get the better our creativity can become!
The more problems we have the better solutions we can create!
The more challenges we face the more passion we can feel to win!
It is our choice!

Lygya Maya

I'm passionate about

Helping people how to overcome challenges and love themselves beyond normal, having fun with life (Brazilian Style).

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Emotions, Emotional Education, Overcome obstacles, Looking for Happiness, Passion for life.

People don't know I'm good at

Making people laugh, helping them to kick stress out of their lives, find solutions for problems quickly.

My TED story

I enjoy, learn and get motivated by great speakers

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Lygya Maya
Posted over 3 years ago
Is there a simple remedy to counter depression
Hello Brian, For some fascinating reason I read your note and felt compelled to search about your symptoms and write to you from the heart. First, congratulations for all you are doing to get better no matter what. That means your spirit still want to be here. Secondly, the fact that you are convinced there is NO CURE, this is it! There WON’T BE INDEED. But if you just create a little tinning point of doubt in your mind there MIGHT be something science has not yet discovered about it, we might help you to FIND CURE OR ALIVIATE this problem and help thousands in the future. For what I read clinic medicine hasn’t yet found a logic explanation for PPMS therefore I am hopping this could be something rooted in the blocked emotions you might have accumulated within your energy channels (Chakras) that need to be cleaned up. There is a holistic emotional treatment called D.E.R.B. (Deep Emotional Release Bodywork) that did wonders for me and many clients of mine in the past. Therefore I suggest you to look for a holistic healer in Canada that might help you with this. I wish from the bottom of my heart recovery for you and would love to know your improvement throughout your journey if you open to it. L.)