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Brisbane / Qld, Australia

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Roxane Paczensky
Posted over 3 years ago
What's one lesson you find super compelling?
That saying, you reap what you sow, draws upon the belief that there is an after life, or a belief in Karma. Both of these beliefs, each of which are unproven, has created a degree of passivity within humanity to not hold accountable the people responsible for commiting inhumane acts. Imagine how much more proactive humanity would be in seeking to hold the inhumane to account if humanity believed this life that we live, on this planet we call home, was the only one we had. The time for leaving it to some unproven supernatural force must come to an end because the deterent doesn't work on psychopaths and we're letting them get away with unspeakable horrors because to many of the none-psychopathic masses still believe in the heaven/hell/karma of reward and punishment.