Linda Lindsey

San Antonio, TX, United States

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Grew up in Texas. Did many things. Lived many lives.

An idea worth spreading

Oh I think all of my ideas are worth spreading. But they need some polishing.

I'm passionate about

My children, instructional technology, education, global politics, artsy stuff, learning new things.

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Anything .... well almost anything.

People don't know I'm good at

Thinking and understanding. Even though I tell them I am.

My TED story

Discovered TED online....fascinating. I just keep watching these talks.

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Linda Lindsey
Posted over 2 years ago
Schools are terrible places for children.
I got very little education in public school. It is a terrible place! It is set up to be a mold in which to squash the creative thinking of little children into the mold of the current dominant culture. Fortunately good things can be found in school. Good teachers, resources, good friends....but school itself is set up to fulfill a need the world no longer has. Education and school are not the same thing!