Rizky W Limbong

photographer, Photography Surabaya Club
Surabaya, Indonesia

About Rizky W


Born In 1992 and Keep On being a Good Human


English, Indonesian

An idea worth spreading

Photography in Stupid Explanation

I started to love photography in 2010 which is I got my first DSLR. I like photography because it is like preserving the moment and time. However talking about photography is so very difficult. I want to try explained it in my own words which is not to difficult. Based on photography word it self, it is basically knowledge. But i believe, everybody could take their picture. not only a good picture. Someone told me, it was said that it is important to take a good picture. However It is good to take an important picture which can say and speak something

I'm passionate about

Art which is like Photography in Journalism and Documentary, Music, Piano, and Music aranger. I love Art because it teach us to understand something in that object.

Talk to me about

Classical Music
Photojournalism and Documentary

People don't know I'm good at

Piano Classical Music

My TED story

I found Ted on Internet
I have been watching Ted until now, even if some episode are boring
Ted give me so much idea, innovation, strength in my life, and best wake up calls ever by giving me unexpected story...honestly sometimes shocking
I want to keep watching Ted and I ve been downloading the videos from youtube.
To understand the story, for me, it isnt enough to watch it once. I need to watch it carefully and i usually watch same video for 2-3 times.

I Love Ted... Because Ted Love World by giving the World Story, Innovation, Idea, Talent, and sometimes Humor. Ted is Leading the world to both a better future and good things

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