Charles Reid Douthat

Digital Media Director, Mimocom, Inc
Madison, AL, United States

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Areas of Expertise

Content & Convergence Strategy, Content Management, Video Monatization, Video Development, Production, and Multimedia Design

I'm passionate about

Digital Media, Broadband Video, Broadband Video Advertising, VAST & VPAID Standards, Art, M.C.Escher, Andy Warhol, Steve Kaufman, RINGO, Salvador Dali, Picasso, Showboarding

People don't know I'm good at

Digital Audio Production & Art [Lithography, Etching, Woodcut, Linoleum]

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Charles Reid Douthat
Posted over 2 years ago
Is dropping out of school as bad as society says it is?
In our society the skills that will be needed to compete in the marketplace after college are not taught in college classrooms. I majored in E-Commerce [Marketing] and felt like the information being taught was written in the days of "Mad Men". After college unsurprisingly; I had to learn 100% different methods of marketing due to rapid technology innovations. 10 years ago, broadband video wasn't even in our vocabulary at college. Nor was 'Trending' or 'Highly Targeted Advertising'. VAST & VPAID Broadband Video Ad Standards are only a little over a year old. This is not an anomaly its a accelerating trend. With Open Technologies & Collaboration and the rapid spreading of ideas and knowledge thru services like: TED, YouTube and SocialMedia. Expect a more rapidly changing job market than we can imagine.