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I'm passionate about empowering people and families with financial education. Teaching others how money works, how to become debt free, earning multiple streams of income and becoming financially independent.

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We cannot depend on the state with our our and our family's financial future. We need to learn how to become responsibie for our future and our family's future.We live in a new era with new rules and we must learn the new rules of the game to survive, let alone succeed.

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Jon Arulthas
Posted over 3 years ago
A conversation with Prudential: As people are living longer, how can we plan for a retirement that could last up to 30 years or more?
Being a financial educator and regularly sitting with middle income families, a common monthly retirement figure which 9 out of 10 couples usually say they will be happy to live with, is £1,000 per month (UK). They are many ways in which this amount or more can be achieved and as a no brainer, the earlier one starts, the easier it is to build something which creates this amount, whether it be a pension, equity funds, property income, residual income etc The state provides a measly £30 a week or so. We need to learn to be more responsible for our financial future and this really needs to begin at school/college level. Most of it is common sense but is not often common knowledge nor common practice.