Jade Rogerio

Curitiba, Pr, Brazil

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I am a young mind looking for inspiration and aspiring to be part of the change in this world.


English, Portuguese, Spanish

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Music, Judo

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There is no "I".

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Ideas, philosophy, music, people, geology, botany, literature and passion itself.

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Basically, anything you'd like, but music, philosophy and education really make me spark.

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Understanding many points of view.

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Jade Rogerio
Posted about 1 year ago
Are the prostets really going somewhere?
I suggest to stick with what's in the papers. Of course there's gotta be governance. Of course there'll always be unhappy, poor, dying people. But, this country is a democracy and the demands of the majority should be attended.
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Jade Rogerio
Posted about 1 year ago
A conversation with Shell: Why don’t today’s students want to be engineers?
I can't say that the teachers are doing much more than just being very good teachers. Most of them are very liberal about our choices. They always tell us to do what we love in order to reach a succesfull career, that even if you have a low paying job, your passion for what you do can get you very high. Also, they show their passion for the subject they teach, sometimes making the eyes of the most uninterested alumnis shine to how wonderful the matters of physics are. About school incentive, we've had a lecture about the different areas in the engineering field showing how the profession is like. Engineering has become a "fashion" around here. I live in a place called Joinville, in the state of Santa Catarina, which is an industrial city and most of the best engineering colleges are here. This can be why I see so many aspiring engineers. I think that the natural interest of the kids for determined fields in science along with the above mentioned is what makes them follow this path.
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Jade Rogerio
Posted over 1 year ago
If you have NEVER been to Africa, when someone mentions "Africa" or you hear "Africa", what is the FIRST thing that comes into your mind?
Unfortunatelly, I'll have to say it's the poverty and skinny black people. These images are massively used in propaganda and just stick to our brains. But, Africa is a very diverse place. I don't think that you can have only one image of the entire continent. For example, I live in Brazil, which is just one country, and still, you can't have only one image to illustrate the whole nation. :)
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Jade Rogerio
Posted over 2 years ago
What Next? After a great TED / TEDx conference with hundreds of ideas, what can we do to help people got o the next level! DO something!
Scott, I believe big part of the systems were created with the intention of succeed. I see great ideas being executed all around a lot of nations, what is making the systems putrid is the lack of virtues of the governants. Imagine capitalism in the just city system proposed by Plato. Systems are supposed to work, but the human vices corrupt the execution of great ideas.