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Piracicaba - Sp, Brazil

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Mônica Barletta
Posted about 3 years ago
How will TEDx change the world?
Hi I Am Mônica and I am a teacher and a mother. I haven't atteded any TEDx yet, I am trying to in Campos do Jordão in June though. The reason I want to participate is because there is one possible participant who I am trying to find ways for him to have a presentation here in the city. I use TED talks in my classes and the result is great. Not only my students improve their listening and speaking skills but change their views and attitudes towards the topics presented as well. And my University students have felt the need to find out new and different ways to change things they see applied by professionals in their study area - agronomic engineering for example. So it is really important for me to try to do something like that in my community. Piracicaba is growing faster due to biodiesel, hyunday and other important factors - the river is one of them- and the population is facing now new challenges : how to cope with different cultures, how to use the resources we have here without depleting them, how to provide proper education for the children, educating not only for being able to attend university classes but to live in a balanced society, in which cooperation, respect, awareness are a must. So for me TEDx events help dealing with local situations in order to raise ideas, gather people for a higher purpose, not only being famous but providing tools for the improvement of life as a whole. My ideas are: children education for life - eating habits, importance of parent participation in children's life, spirituality Happiness: as U. N. now accepts the importance of that in a population, start this locally Create and develop projects along with universities but with a democratical selection process. As for participation, I would be glad to help anyway it was offered me to help. It would be meaningfull in all ways just to have it here and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, TAKEN TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS . light and peace, Mônica