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Just a guy who has 3/4's of a century under his belt.

Love my ex-wife and my kids, some of the grand-kids,
and most of my elderly friends, who keep dying off.

Enjoy playing snooker 2 hours a day and, having the
talent to make 3 and 4 cushion cushion bank shots.

I work hard to Handicap Horse-races 4 hours a day
5 days a week. Been doing it for 20 years now, and,
getting most of them right.

Life is good. I like myself. (Can't you tell?)
Not bad, when I think of other paths I could
have followed, and did, for a while.

An idea worth spreading

He works in Washington DC.
He is in control.
His name is Republican* or Democrat*.
Depending on which is in office.
A rumor is spread, by advertising dollars.
Paid to the Media.
Voters are responding.
Like Pied Piper followers.

* Not to be found upon a soap-box in the park.

I'm passionate about

The decline and fall of America.
Bad Limited Liability Laws.
Bad Lobby Law Enforcement.
Bad Media Political Propaganda.

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Frank Barry
Posted 3 days ago
Kimberley Motley: How I defend the rule of law
Of course her talk was outstanding, her job requires as much. 14:22 ..."The laws are ours, and no matter what your ethnicity, nationality, gender, race, they belong to us, and fighting for justice is not an act of insanity. Businesses also need to get with the program. A corporate investment in human rights is a capital gain on your businesses, and whether you're a business, an NGO, or a private citizen, rule of law benefits all of us." My response: Inside the United States, like she found in Afghanistan, the rule of law is not really benefiting all of us, only those who can pay. 14.22 Interactive transcript ..." but we can all be contributors to a global human rights economy. We can create a culture of transparency and accountability to the laws, and make governments more accountable to us, as we are to them." My response: Sounds like I've heard that phrase from Barak Obama when he was first running for election to the presidency. 14.22 The last words of the paragraph above bother me. ..."as we are to them." My response: I do not suggest humans have an answer to government, only that we will never progress until we do.
Frank Barry
Posted 8 days ago
Pia Mancini: How to upgrade democracy for the Internet era
I enjoyed Pia Mancini's talk. She is right, our political system is archaic to say the least. No representation without a Conversation. I'll buy that. Trying to fight your way into the Political ballpark, is like walking into court without a Lawyer. It is just not the way to rewire the system. Our Justice system is totally outdated with Enforcement wagging the tail. Attorney Generals have become minions to the ego's of Harvard executives who today run the US government, hand in hand, with Corporate and Wall Street Billionaires, regardless of elections, or the wishes of the people. Cutting a deal, negotiating a fine, no one goes to jail, and later, the fines can be re-negotiated down to nothing. Bernie Madoff got life. His son got 10 years. The heads of Fanny, Freddy, Ginny, AIG, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and all 6 major Banks got a cold bottle of champagne. What is wrong with this picture? Watch William Black's attempts to show us. See his TED Talk from 2013. He was a regulator during the earlier savings and loan debacle. Back then, they put the crooks in prison. Atty Gen Eric Holder just negotiated from his weakness. Money. He is going now with his golden parachute. $12 Trillion Lost, raped from our Treasury, and the Treasuries of other nations by the same Corporate Bank Robbers. Bail-outs authorized by a frightened Congress hearing "the sky is falling". Bernanke and FED gang could have stopped it before it even started, but elected to look the other way. Back room politicians have taken control of the main political parties, denying people of honest government. Their partners, the highly paid Media, selling attributes of corrupt politicians, as golden. A sick scenario. === Those who lost their homes, their savings, their investments, and their pensions, are broken and gone now. Wall Street again flourishes. Remember folks, History Repeats!
Frank Barry
Posted 8 days ago
Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters
October 22, 2014 So there is another whistle-blower? I must have missed that. The number of the people on the US government’s watch-list of people under surveillance as a potential threat or as a suspect is an astonishing 1.2 million. Today I watched -- The Observer trying to have a Skype interview with Edward Snowden, and the hook-up was awful. Wasn't Skype one of those Corporations created by the NSA in first place? And I just realized that the CIA and NSA have huge private investment programs, they've established with our Taxed Payer Dollars. Wonder who's keeping tabs on the integrity of these little functions? Secret? Why? Palantir, a CIA-funded enterprise software start-up, with 200 clients, including the NSA and FBI, News Corp, and JPMorgan Chase, and expecting to sign more than $1 billion in new contracts in 2014. The company is currently valued at $4 billion. Since its founding in 2004, Palantir claims it's been able to locate terrorists, prevent bank fraud and track disease outbreaks using data-mining tools that allow for users to comb through and make connections in massive sets of disparate data. Thought this might be of interest to you folks.
Frank Barry
Posted 10 days ago
Susan Etlinger: What do we do with all this big data?
She told a wonderful tale of her son. The ideas she tries to explain concerning data fell short. The Marlboro man would have made more sense. I deal with data all day long, using algebraic expressions, but never using data to assume, to average, or for statistical purposes. People are actually quite funny when being controlled by others who hypnotize them while deftly picking their pockets. Examples include, the US intelligence community, those recent data collectors who store the ideas of us all in Bluffdale, Utah. Others are those who use guile. Sale prices ($24.99) to mislead, with a small detail, by US department stores, to fool consumers. According to the assumed correctness of data, it works, and is used world-wide in many nations, although the UK seems not to use that ploy. Other still are politicians. But then you folks already know that, and yet you still buy into the Republican and Democrat mindset. Back to reality. She did a good job.
Frank Barry
Posted 11 days ago
Patricia Kuhl: The linguistic genius of babies
At 76 I remember the memories more so than remembering the acts. I do remember as a babe in my mother's arms, when she spoke to the neighbor lady about my not talking yet. I became mad, as I screamed that I could talk. But it just didn't come out right. I believe babies can learn to reason very young, or lose that ability without a mother's care. The affect on babies who do not get the proper attention from mothers and others may lose their abilities to give and receive kindness, and become somewhat insane, that condition lasting throughout their lives. I watch closely as a friend of mine reacts with a fury at the behaviors of another person who softly speaking, quietly and stealthily, baits him, to watch his responses. It is an unfair act to be sure. Both people grew up differently. I know my friend was in an orphanage as a small child, the other person has mental problems he blames on Agent Orange. Both are in their 60's, the baiter is 67 and the furious responder is younger. The baiter last week accused his baitee (victim) of theft, and sought a complaint. His baitree spent 6 days in the hoosegow on a $20K bail, and finally at his arraignment pled not-guilty. A trial date has been set. Interesting, in light of the facts that the baiter did the same exact act of theft some months ago, and was allowed to bring back the stolen article. He then gave it to me (he said I lived closer) and I saw it was delivered back to the owner. The Judge is going to have a field day with this one. ha ha. Babies do grow up. Some of them do. Some just grow older.
Frank Barry
Posted 12 days ago
Sam Richards: A radical experiment in empathy
Empathy can be quite revealing when you can see both sides. Bravo !!! Sam Richards did a great job. I laud him. Everyone should listen to this talk everyday for a week or more. A well thought out way to get people thinking about the negative effects of our US government's wicked corporate economic policies adopted since WW2, and their deadly policies of regime change by making non stop preemptive wars on other nation's shores. Picking on only those nations who are at the very bottom of the economic scales. Using Americans as the suppliers of tax dollars to host the world's largest Military Industry. Unlike Russia who killed off their Corporate Golden Gooses with Greed, and bled to death from the inside, the US government has included their Corporate Golden Gooses as silent partners. Testing the waters with deregulation, and bad instruments of investments, the Elite raped Treasuries around the world. The Bail Out meant that the US government became business partners with the bad guys, and nobody went to jail. Nobody. Watch TED talk 2013 with William Black and get the real scoop. Meaning for all Americans, if you haven't figured it out yet: The future is simply this: It is no longer necessary to use Americans as the suppliers of tax dollars to host the world's largest Military Industry. Not that the IRS will go away. The US government is not stupid. The world's television, radio, and newspapers journalists missed it all. Except for a few out there that nobody paid attention to. Empathy can be quite revealing when you can see both sides.
Frank Barry
Posted 13 days ago
Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters
Thank you spiegel mond. Consider breaking everything down to the planning that has gone into the NSA spy an surveillance programs since the very beginning. In other words: There had to be a REASON and a PLAN. I don't know the REASON, but I'm guessing pure old GREED. That leaves the PLAN. No evidence to guide us so we must look at the trail of bread crumbs that lead to today's sophisticated NSA Bluffdale, Utah facility and the many other like facilities being used to collect, the NSA claims up to 10 years of data storage, and for intelligence retrieval. It took many years to spread the NSA's Net across the world. I only looked at their activities since 1968, when they build their model. Lots of disappointments, like when the NSA (not long ago) asked for access to the Japanese Pacific Cable Terminal, and were denied. The NSA's Net may be using those 150+ military installations leased from foreign nations, and those Islands spread throughout the US Pacific Territories. And that new Australian base just completed. 7 years ago the NSA had 700+ servers operational. They sure haven't stopped growing. Wasn't Ed Snowden working out of NSA Hawaii? These are only guesses based on research.