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Andrew Kirschner
Posted over 2 years ago
Live Q&A with Sherry Turkle: How has digital technology changed the kind of communications you have with your friends, family & co-workers?
I have to agree with Noel. I do see technology as a medium for improved communication. A lot of the comments posted here bring up the idea of a sanctuary separated from the digital age. Do you really feel this is the route we should be taking? You say you're going to place a bucket for people to literally place their tech-gadgets into at the beginning of class because you don't see the utility in "outside information." Yet I wonder whether it is the tool or the person that needs to see change. My father will not allow cell phones out during family meals (unless his phone rings--which is a separate issue) because he feels it impedes on the quality of the experience. As a millennial I strongly feel otherwise. I now focus best being interconnected with all flows of information: news, Twitter, texts, and, yes, engaging face-to-face conversation. Why must we revert back to either: technology or no-technology. It seems to me what needs to be innovated are methods of increasing what most consider quality communication.