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Recognising important ideas, people or concepts which help me to gain a better understand of myself and the world around me so I can contribute in a wise, helpful and empathetic way.

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Philosophy, Ideas, Innovation, Global Issues, Controversy, Design, Creativity, Psychology

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Inventing or recognising exceptional ideas and concepts or my ability to stand back and look at the big picture regardless of personal bias or opinion.

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sabine wieczorek
Posted over 3 years ago
If you could live forever, would you ?
People seem to always be afraid of what we cant comprehend and we dont know what a life without death would be like... yet anyway. But I think about this often and I'm always so hyper curious about what things will be like in the future that I find myself wanting to live forever, per se. Life might be exhausting at some point so if we all had the option to end it at some time I would choose the forever option, I just dont know when or what would make me decide to end it at some point.