About Rim


I've graduated with a BS in graphic design, but after working for a while in the field, I realized that I wasn't very fulfilled with the work i was doing. So i quit my job to find/pursue my passion, and not really knowing what to do, I just decided to trow myself in the unknown and face new experiences.
After having traveled and volunteered abroad, and then worked as a promotion producer at a local TV station, I've finally realized that I would like to go back to my childhood passion, Illustration!


Arabic, English, French

An idea worth spreading

It's not always about the destination. Remember to enjoy the journey :)

I'm passionate about

Traveling, exploring, discovering new cultures, extreme sports, nature, animals, volunteering, changing the world!!!

Talk to me about

New ideas, cultures, finding my passion/life path, making the world a better place.
But mainly just grab my attention to any topic & I'll be all fascinated to listen & learn more about it

People don't know I'm good at

Quietly observing and analyzing others...

My TED story

A friend sent me once Ken Robinson's talk 'Schools kill creativity'. I was very intrigued by this idea and started sharing the talk.
But my love story with TED began when i was in my sabbatical, not really knowing what to do next with my life. My friend Lynn Tabbara suggested i volunteer with TEDxBeirut (which i didn't even know was happening in Lebanon at the time).
It only took one phone call with the curator Patricia Zougheib to join a team of amazing volunteers and get on board of a wonderful life changing journey, organizing 3 TEDxBeirut salons and 1 main event, and even attending TEDActive 2013. I had no idea back then, that i'll end up as co-curator of TEDxBeirut!

Favorite talks