Andre Poirier

Oakville / Ontario, Canada

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I went to University with a desire to serve humankind. I obtained a degree in water resources engineering as I thought it would have a practical application in creating a better future for all. I have spent 15 years working on projects, many of them of very little use to humanity. My greatest acheivement was to help a water supply board determine how and when to build a major transmission watermain in a scientific and economically sound way. My biggest disappointment was in working for a municipality that paid lip service to concepts of sustainability, diversity, and inclusiveness, and being invited to leave when I tried to help them with sound decision making with respect to water infrastructure. Currently I am involved in processes created by a disfunctional bureaucracy that somehow allow me to charge my time to people with too much money who haven't the time or the "credentials" to deal with the disfunctional bureaucracies and their various disciplines and sub disciplines. As a licensed engineer in Ontario, I am an authority over what size a pipe should be, although it is always open to a lot of debate, for which I get paid ... amazingly. As an engineer I see first hand the infrastructure that we build to sustain (or destroy) life. I live in a world that is run by "economists" who understand resource distribution, economic growth in generalities but who do not actually see the resources themselves or understand what is behind their balance sheet. While I believe that much the infrastructure systems we are developing in my country are heading in the wrong direction, I have hope that future generations will figure things out and improve on our mistakes. I believe David Suzuki was right when he said that the economy and the ecosystem are fundamentally integrated, and that current systems that do not recognize this fact are destructive. Unfortunately, the current economy is not providing me with many opportunities to be constructive. My most lucrative work has been in land development and highway expansions. I have pursued other interests, such as water distribution optimization, energy management, demand management, however it's the highways and the subdivision development that has been paying my bills. Some would say that from a business perspective, we should be happy, that others' disfunction is an opportunity for us to make money, however they are wasting money on useless activity, and I say stop the useless activity and begin to fund other initiatives. If you have money to waste, please just give it to me and don't tell me to waste my time. Desalination research, setting up agricultural communities in deserts, use of communication systems to render public transit more efficient, convenient, attractive, and ultimately cost shared by all. These are some of the important questions that will need to be addressed for humans to survive without destroying the planet. Yet there is no money in this ... I make my money in this economy that is destined to collapse.


English, French, Spanish

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I have many but I need to focus. Perhaps you can read what I have in my CV.

I'm passionate about

Transforming our culture to one of service to humankind. Improving education for the next generation. Supporting an Ever Advancing civilization. Infrastructue Efficiency - Demand Integration.

Talk to me about

Exciting environmental infrastructure or practical research project that has funding that I can participate in. Solar powered desalination and irrigation / agriculture projects.

People don't know I'm good at

Imitating every accent human beings have spoken in for the last 75 years. SInging. Helping people solve practical logistics problems.

My TED story

A friend of mine told me about TED. I love to listen to the talks. A few weeks ago I was reading the online newspapers and just getting depressed. I then went to TED and saw Vijay Kumar's presentation on flying independant robots, and Ken Robinson's presentation on creativity in schools, and I just felt uplifted. TED is a very hopeful organization and it provides proof that the human spirit will prevail and our degree of civilization will advance.

Comments & conversations

Andre Poirier
Posted over 3 years ago
Are grownup bullies teaching kids how to bully?
Short answer. YES. My friend at work told me of a chinese traditional saying about a young king or prince being paraded through the street with no clothes on. All were praising the king and how great he was. One said "hey the king is naked!" All were in denial of the truth. We very much have a society of denial. We are forced not to say these things for various social and economic reasons. We will surpass this condition someday, 5, 10, 50, 100 or 500 years from now. I don't know when but I have faith that it is coming. We are one family, we must treat each other as one family. These leaders right now are stuck in the tribal ages.
Andre Poirier
Posted over 3 years ago
What do you think about the term "fitting in" at school, work, or an outing somewhere?
Yes the "fit" concept. Many organizations now talk about "fit" and the concept gets used rather brutally. We have in Ontario today the dichotomy of our political, business, government management leaders, behaving in very non-inclusive, bullying ways, yet at the same time lining up to be seen at charity fund-raisers, promoting "zero-tolerance" for bullying in schools etc. While there may be a place for "fit" in some organizations to fulfill specific roles, the concepts of inclusive consultation, unity in action are of far greater importance to all of humankind. We will enter a new age of civilization when we evolve to view all human beings as our own family. In this context, questions of "fit" are not relevant, we all fit, we are all family, we all work together and support each other.