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San Bruno, CA, United States

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Vicki Brown
Posted almost 3 years ago
Julian Treasure: Why architects need to use their ears
> Where are the office sound planners? People who say, don't sit that team next to this team, because they like noise and they need quiet. They aren't brought in to consult because of people like a Sr VP at a company where I used to work. When I complained about the noise in our big open cubicle farm (no acoustical shielding) he lauded the "spontaneous collaboration opportunities" afforded by being able to hear everyone for yards in any direction. I worked from home as much as possible after that. > and incidentally, noise in offices has been shown to make people less helpful, less enjoy their teamwork, and less productive at work. We (the ones who believe this because we hear it) share these studies and articles at work... with people who tell us the "collaborative environment" outweighs our petty complaints. And so it goes. Thank you, Julian, for the talk! (And especially for the transcript, because I couldn't understand the talk very well over all the background noise. :-)