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Currently the concept of teaching someone how to read English is that it takes a long time and is very difficult. The other concept is individuals challenged with learning how to read English are in some way stupid, dumb, and disabled in some way. This is not true.

As we teach those individuals who are challenged with reading English how to read in 2 1/2 hours with our Universal Reading Method we experience each student as having a unique and brilliant way that their mind works when taking in information.

Since there are 90 million adults in the United States who are illiterate and only 337 people in the United States, then the obvious conclusion would be that those 90 million adults have evolved into people who are dumb or stupid. This is not true nor very likely.

Dpug Collins, a once non reader, knew what he was looking for and invented the Universal Reading Method. Now, Reading English can be made available to anyone who want to learn how to read English.

I'm passionate about

I am passionate about teaching the world how to read English. 90 million adults in the United States are illiterate. 51% of the students exiting high school are doing so with a remedial reading level

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Setting up populations of students for Yes, You Can Read NOW, Inc to teach how to Read with their Universal Reading Method. Help us to create our interactive, online Universal Reading Method.

People don't know I'm good at

Providing Six easy-to-learn concepts for learning how to read English in 2 1/2 hours. Designing our Universal Reading Method on an interactive, online website.

My TED story

I was honored to be invited to speak at TEDxLaJolla. My mission was to inform and announce to the listening audience the seriousness of the Literacy Issue in the United States and that we have created and developed a solution for that problem.

TEDxLaJolla was an excellent opportunity for us to come-out-of-the-closet dispel the myths about learning how to read and to reveal that there is NOW a solution that is easy to learn by all challenged with reading English individuals.

The quality of people attending, the organization, the setting, the administration were of the highest caliber. Speaking at TEDxLaJolla stimulated lots of discussion and has been a motivating influence on transforming challenged readers into active, confident English readers.

Making our presentation available on Youtube has allowed us to reach and inform more people about what we have discovered than we had imagined.

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Craig Collins
Posted over 2 years ago
TEDxSDSU - What Have You Discovered? [And what have you done about it?]
After a near death experience, I woke up in my hospital room and realized all of the things that had been really important to me weren't anymore! I knew at that very moment, that I was alive at that moment and now because I had to contribute something to our planet that would solve one of its major problems! To say the least, this was an important moment for me and, of sorts, an identity crisis. However, in my passionate heart of hearts, after much deliberation I realized that these feelings were coming from a sincere spiritual, soulful, aspect of my Greater Self! So, I have taken on Teaching every student in the world challenged with Reading English. My brother, Doug, a once child and adult who could not read English, spent 40 years of his life to discover the absolute pattern to reading all English words. We teach students who have a personal desire to learn how to read English in 2 1/2 hours. When you hear this I am assuming that you will question our ability to do this. One of the things I have observed after meeting folks who cannot read is they are very reluctant to tell anyone their secret and feel ashamed and have been told they are inferior to others. They are not aware of the number of people whose minds have evolved like there's. And those who have no problem memorizing words and long lists of rules have contributed to their feelings of low self -esteem. It makes very good sense that it would require a person, like my brother, who had walked their walk, to understand what they needed to know and how to convey it to them. In honor of their need for privacy and avoidance of being ridiculed by their peers, we are producing an highly interactive, voice recognition, online Universal Reading Method so that we can offer each individual, in the privacy of their own home, on their computer, their ipad, and their phone, the transformation experience of learning to read English. This what we have invented and feel passionate about!