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Tampines, Singapore

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Marcus Mook
Posted over 2 years ago
Education: Is it truly a level playing ground for all who have access to it?
I have come to understand that "mass-education" is also a means in which the government is able to monitor the next generation of people. Having them "factory-produced" appears to make these people more susceptible to external manipulation when their mindsets have been conditioned through such an education. I agree that there are many many other ways to achieve not only academic goals but success as a whole. I like your example very much. It really shows how passion for something can drive a person to do so much more. We do lack the capacity, sadly. TED should attempt to reach out to more people as you suggested through further networking. As of now, I think there should be at least 10000 active users on TED, which is definitely not enough for so many great ideas to be shared. As a start, we could at least try to promote other similar initiatives to our friends and hope they do the same as well. Communication, in any place, should serve as the basis for innovation. Schools and businesses won't suffice in the future.