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Jean-Sébastien Sheaff
Posted about 3 years ago
Is History an important subject in school? Or should we be focusing on the future?
I read from many of you that said "History is made to learn from our mistakes" I couldn't more agree on that but its not necessarily what is taught in schools, we don't learn mistakes of the past or, if we do, it is very unclear (at my school at least). This school subject should be reformed. I think the main question should be : Do we choose teachers adequately by referring to criteria such as: Shows a capacity to teach and to adapt him/herself to the students or Shows enthusiasm in helping students to learn and by giving them the appropriate tools of learning. I think that what makes a subject good or bad is the teacher in the first place. Anyway, yes I think it is important to have history but I'd like to hear from the history of other countries as well rather than just my own's.