Nitin Sagar

Promoter cum Creative Director, Enterprise185
Mumbai - Andheri (W), India

About Nitin


I must begin with my deep and sincere appreciation for my high school, Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram, New Delhi, All though the school motto "Service Before Self" make absolute sense now, even as a teenager the institution instilled in me the fundamental concept of "Never to Give Up". To illustrate: In a 10+2 High school system, I was handsomely awarded for my "Co-Curricular" activies,: my 70% was considered 80%. Moving on from std XI to the final year of High School, I just about managed 40%. Not only was promoted, I was also appointed the Vice Caption of my school house "Godavari". This gave me the confidence to take up cinematography as a carrer. High school got over in 1994. It took me seven years to start shooting independently as a Cinematographer. From 1994-96, first: I worked my way up from a stage hand to production manager in Mr. Aamir Raza Hussain's theatre group Stagedoor working on epic like Ramayan; The Legend of Ram:Prince of India. Simultaneously I also did freelance Radio as a presenter for the Yuv Vani[Youth's Voice] channel of All India Radio, Delhi Station. I finally picked up a SLR camera in 1996. Dropped out of University of Delhi, Bachelor of Science undergraduate program in the final year, and moved to Bombay 1998. My film school was XIC, technically it is a post graduate diploma, i was not awarded the physical diploma, but i learned the basics well there[ 2 out of 4 films of mine, made with different set of crews were adjudged the best film. After the film school I worked under a stunning DoP Mr. Sanjay F. Gupta W.I.C.A. He helped me shorten my ten year plan to be a DoP by 70%. Since 2001 I've been shooting independently. My fourth Hindi Feature Film as a Director of Photography is up for release within this quarter. As an Entrepreneur, I'm currently working to set up a film and digital production/acquisition & D-Cinema post production studio in Mauritius.


English, Hindi, Punjabi

Areas of Expertise

Independant Film producer, Cinematographer, Digital Cinema +E-cinema, Digital + File Based Workflows

An idea worth spreading

Human Security

I'm passionate about

Creating Value and living responsibly and sustainably.

Comments & conversations

Nitin Sagar
Posted over 3 years ago
What we can learn from babies?
Babies forge relationships only and purely based on a life lever interaction. their decision making is not clouded by personality or other external trappings.
Nitin Sagar
Posted over 3 years ago
What is the 1 Question you'd ask or Idea you'd share with the TED Team ?
As humans we are aware we will die one day. All religious/ spiritual text indicate the founders of all religion did manage to crack the code of life and death. Today in 2012, why do we: 1. As humans not pay any attention to the purpose of life, continue to be driven by greed anger &foolishness ? Do we really we believe that we are so stupid? 2. What is the fundamental purpose of religion/spirituality/atheism? would be incorrect to say that the fundamental purpose of existence of animate or inanimate life or belief or religion is, more human joy than happiness [considering joy to be more sustainable as it creates beauty, and greater good as well vis-a-vi happiness which can[and is] still be transient? 3. If, our focus is supreme human joy,which can also be termed as maximizing human potential & human security, how do get leaders political and religious to look ahead and create a new future, focusing efforts on finding similarities, rather than getting involved with discussing the differences..... .