Josh Lucas

President, Red Blue Voice
Pittsburgh, PA, United States

About Josh


Josh spent 10 years teaching chemistry in a tough urban school district, running a recording studio, and doing materials synthesis on the side at a local university. Josh has always been a busy guy, but in his not-so-spare time he wondered how he could give some power back to the average individual. How could he help to diffuse the ever-growing consolidation of our democratic principles? His answer was simple, use technology to give individuals and small groups of individuals the media resources of the entrenched organizations. Allow average people, regardless of ideology, the opportunity to fairly compete by sharing their message with other citizens.

Josh's Favorite Quote: "Objection, evasion, happy distrust, pleasure in mockery are signs of health: everything unconditional belongs in pathology." - Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

The Issue Josh Most Hopes that RBV Will Raise Awareness of: Keeping the scientific process free of politics

Areas of Expertise

Crowdsourcing, National Politics, Advertising

An idea worth spreading

Be Influence!

I'm passionate about

Refreshing our democracy.

Talk to me about

Politics, crowdsourcing, advertising, Red Blue Voice, campaign finance reform, urban education.

People don't know I'm good at

Ignoring silly prompts.

My TED story

Don't got one.... yet.