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Social entrepeneur. Applying social equity and development to sustainable businesses so that all involved can grow and benefit. Currently leading South Africa's first Carbon Neutral tree nursery, developing a business called "red espresso", helping to save the Clanwilliam cedar tree from extinction, contributing to carbon sequestration projects, donating trees to many needy projects , producing delicous extra virgin olive oil, parenting, reading, mountain biking, swimming, being a good friend and being fascinated by biomimicry. Love creating!!


Afrikaans, English

TED Conference

TEDActive 2012

An idea worth spreading

red espresso, the world's first tea espresso. Just Trees, SA's first carbon neutral nursery!

I'm passionate about

Being innovative, being different, parenting, sharing and helping the less fortunate, food, health, biomimicry, laughing, family time, riding my mountain bike and swimming.

Talk to me about

Biomimicry, WOW ideas, social heros, human ingenuity, passionate people, sustainable development, anything innovative, food, espresso :-)

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Carl Pretorius
Posted over 3 years ago
Which TED talk affected you the most ?
No doubt, Bryan Stevenson. He hit the nail on the head. At the end of the day our legacy we will be measured by what we have done for those in need and not by what we have accumulated in material posessions. Thanks for asking ...