Ákos Dömötör

Quality Manager Specialist, LEGO Systems Inc.
Vejle, Denmark

About Ákos


I was born and raised in Hungary. My hometown is surrounded by Austria from the north, the west and the south, so I got a lot of intercultural exposure early on.

I started my geographic journey at the age of 14 when I went to study in another city, not very far away. I lived in a dormitory, sometimes with 3, sometimes with 7 other guys and we had a lot of fun. There I really learnt how to live and work together with others. I studied mechanical engineering, and since our school was one of the bests in the country, we won a lot of competitions in this field. Nevertheless, I decided to study economics and business administration instead, because I wanted to work with people instead of machines.

I moved to Budapest, our capital city and in 5 years I got 2 masters degrees - in very similar fields though, so maybe it is better to count them as 1,5. I again lived in dormitories, but this time I started meeting a lot of international people as well. At some point I lived in a room with a Russian and a Slovak guy. Then I went on an exchange semester in Cologne, Germany and afterwards I took an internship in Hangzhou, China. I really started to enjoy the taste of meeting new kind of people. Therefore after graduation I joined the Graduate programme of the LEGO Group, and soon I was off to the Czech Republic and Hong Kong again. After the programme I took up a position in Denmark, and now, after 2 years, I am looking at the next step -both professionally and geographically.

Areas of Expertise

Quality Management

I'm passionate about

collaboration among people
understanding between cultures
clarity in what we say and do