Michelle Tran

Student - B, Sc. Finance, University of Finance and Marketing
Hcmc, Vietnam

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English, Vietnamese

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Corporate Finance

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' How you see the world first determines your attitude, and then your attitude determines how the world see you.'

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Financial Study, Traveling, Studying abroad

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I am fascinated to listen and discuss your opinions about life experience, work experience, other countries' culture and finance.

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Michelle Tran
Posted about 3 years ago
Can and will books ever be replaced by something other than we know it today?
Thank you for your question. This is not only a question to us who are getting used to reading traditional books, but also to people who are interested in technology. Is it possible that books are turned to e-books completely? Will people be ready to change their reading habit or can we all afford to pay for a tablet? Etc. In my opinion, it is possible to say that in some places around the world, e-books are becoming more and more popular. However, not the whole world as well as everyone in the world. Some people will say that they think this is really an amazing invention but to others, they may prefer reading traditional papers. Also, I think that reading a real book brings more interesting experience as well as better for my eyes than using electric items. That's my own thought. I would appreciate if you could tell me more about your ideas. Thank you.