André Calero Valdez

Scientist, RWTH Aachen University
Aachen, Germany

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English, German

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Computer Science, psychology, Human Computer Interaction/HCI, Interdisciplinarity

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André Calero Valdez
Posted over 3 years ago
Does society need more interdisciplinary work? Or more well-rounded individuals working together?
I think a simple decision will not suffice in this early stage of understanding of how interdisciplinarity works. The disciplinary excellence has to balanced with the power interdisciplinary innovative capacity. Lot's of research will have to focus on how science will develop in regard to this topic. Cognitive, communicative, methodological differences arise from strict disciplinary teaching, but increase the speed information exchange within a subject. Differences in terminology create problems in interdisciplinary research especially if the well defined polysemy is unknown to a team. Interesting subject. Balance and meta-work is required.