Roland Abou Younes

Life Coach, Xismat
Riga, Latvia

About Roland


Human and corporate Consultant

Roland grew up in a harmonious environment where intuition is the compass, in the midst of vibrant Beirut, Lebanon.
He was introduced to the work environment as a security specialist and an IT consultant where his ultimate aim was to make peoples work experience smoother and better. Which is where he managed to see the challenge is not technology itself but good alignment with what we want in life, planning and communication of the business itself and its materialization.
Subsequently this became his passion and went through research at depth in applied psychology and its practice, in addition to business research.
He simply lives under the principle of making business a happy, creative, and fulfilling experience.


Business Development Partner at XISMAT Consulting
Business Development, Technology Integration Consultant and Life Coach at Freelance
Life and Communication Coach at Mind Your Power


Business Consultant and Life Coach at Progressions Group
Security Consultant and Infrastructure Implementer at BPS
IT Consultant at Procomix
IT Business Solution Development and Linux Administration at ACTEL
Trainer / Facilitator / National Elections Monitor at Nouveaux Droits de l'Homme - consultative status at ECOSOC-UN
Computer Center Director at AUL University Lebanon


Arabic, English, French

Areas of Expertise

Comparative Religion, psychology, Meditation, Communication - both general and technical

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I'm passionate about

People and the system we live in
The dynamics of interaction...

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