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kevin zhang
Posted over 3 years ago
The current bandaid solutions for obesity
Market usually reinforces some habits through pricing. Although mental health is important, it would be easily overruled by market. For example, as other conversation showed, the price of one meal of fast food is cheaper than one with healthy meal. Therefore, people are more likely to choose fast food over healthier food on the menu. In my opinion, the growing obesity in US is a market failure, since the market itself cannot offer a correct/healthy idea on food choice of general people (bad meal is always cheaper). If the market cannot correct the problem, the government is needed to offer some help. I would propose a government subsidies on fast food restaurant to reduce the cost of healthy food. For example, one combo meal with bottle water would get subsidies of $2, in that, it makes the overall price less than one combo meal with Pepsi or Coca-Cola. This is a rather simple case, and of course it has a lots of loopholes. Some people would get the combo meal with bottle water with $2 saving and use this $2 to get a Pepsi with extra change. At least, he has a free choice to drink the bottle water which sits in his food tray. Later, this may lead to a change of habit to reduce Pepsi consumption gradually, and stop finally.