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greg arsenault
Posted over 3 years ago
Development or Destruction, where are we heading?
Lots of good comments and sentiments on here! Here is my two cents. We exist in a social, physical, economical, spiritual and political system. We are not all placed equal in this system either. There are so many different cultures, languages, religions and belief systems that to come up with a value system that agrees with all seems.... well impossible... The G 8 countries have a lot more power than the others and a different lense with which to view and measure development. I do not have numbers, but even with all the economic growth in India and China, the number of people living above the poverty line that is truly refelective of standard of living would probably not align with official numbers. A lot of these people have a different quality of life compared to ours. It is like maslows hierarchy of needs, those who have all their physical and survival needs met along with self-esteem etc., can then look at self-actualization or have the luxury of making the choices to meet the needs of the so called GREATER GOOD. Our first task should be to truely get everyone on the same page as far as standard of living and quality of life. Our economy is driven by the oil industry and all its unsustainability. Our political, and economical systems are completely intertwined. Politicians are in bed with the corporations and the majority of our jobs come from two sources, Govt. and Corp. Not to mention problems of corruption in both. So many variables to consider. We say down with corporate greed! We want sustainability, but how de we maintain our economy? How do we transition from totally engrained profit driven capitalism to production driven sustainability? If the transition and change is too fast, it will be violent and chaotic, perhaps unmanageable. I wish I had some easy answers or any answer for that matter. On a positive note I see a great tool in the internet and how it can contribute to an environment of collaboration! TED is a great example! :