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Sydney Nsw, Australia

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Janet Meisel
Posted over 3 years ago
Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?
No sane educator would disagree with Ken Robinson. As a teacher with over 25yrs experience I find it depressing that we are even more 'enthralled' by national standardised testing in Literacy and Numeracy to the extent that it dictates and dominates our daily curriculum. We are now subject to its constraints prior, in order to achieve good results for the students and the school, and we are even more enslaved by it's aftermath, if results are disappointing. Teaching in a predominantly NESB, under resourced, lower socio-economic area it is increasingly the case that the pressure is on to attend to the 'basics' for these tests and damn everything else. Since 'discovering' Robinson, it has affirmed what I've known all along; teachers need to look at the big picture and the whole child, and stop this constant sense of panic and anxiety that teaching to the test provokes. Enjoy teaching again and find creative ways to deal with 'the basics'.