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Arun Ravi
Posted over 2 years ago
Who SHOULD control children's education? And what if those who should, don't?
The social theory defines education. In other words, education is the need of the society. Thus the structure and goal of education is ultimately owned by the affected and / or involved society. Well, when you try to define the "affected / involved society",its a bit tricky. If you are fortunate, both the concepts will converge. There, you have an easy way to define what is required for the recipients of education. But mostly the affected and the involved societies will have conflicting priorities. In such situations, we can't really say the rights and wrongs of education and its appropriate control structure. Ideally the definition and implementation of education should happen through the never ending dialogues happening among its stakeholders. Stakeholders may involve governments, religions, families, individuals, political organizations, and many other social constructs and structures.