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Philippe Pardo
Posted over 2 years ago
Who SHOULD control children's education? And what if those who should, don't?
People can learn thru these five avenues: Push/Punish [old ineffective controlling way]; Accidental learning; Requirement [a mandatory class to learn how to use a heavy equipment for example]; Determination [passion driven]; Offer [invitation to participate/collaborate where the learner can freely decide to participate or not] Children like other people learn thru these 5 avenues as well. Our focus is general tends to be on the Push/Punish. This avenue is ineffective and steals the opportunities from children to nurture and connect with their true passions. If you remove the Push/Punish, you will see that the learner should be the leader of her education. Of course, parents, government, and other entities should form partnership with the learner and offer quality, respectful, and loving support.