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Ben Peterson
Posted about 2 years ago
Meg Jay: Why 30 is not the new 20
She doesn't talk about dreams/purpose/etc because today's twentysomethings have already been bombarded by this message every day of their lives by their parents' generation. Although this is a great description of a life well lived, it's terrible as advice for actually getting there. It's how a 40-year-old looks back at their life AFTER they've discovered who they are. Tens of millions of twentysomethings are laying around wasting time while they ponder the grand question of "What's my purpose in life?" without any experience on which to base that decision. We're told by our parents generation that we're losers unless we're changing the world the day after we graduate, and it's PARALYZING. So most end up taking minimum wage jobs to kill time while they think about it and assume that somehow at 30 they'll have it all figured out. When they get there, they have 10 more years of experience, but it's all been devoted to a worthless job. Her concept of "identity capital" is fantastic. You discover who you are not by staring at the clouds, but by doing stuff. Your twenties should be spent gaining experience so that by 30 you know how you can contribute to the world and your purpose becomes the pursuit of that.