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Political participation and Education. If everyone was engaged and informed enough, we would have more transparent government & less corruption. End Professional Politics with an informed body politic


Boston College (BA)

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Public policy, the education system, political theory, human nature, philosophy, God.

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Dylan Salomone
Posted over 3 years ago
Do you think that the US is still a major power, or are we too involved in other's problems? Be honest!
In economics, a public good refers to those goods that are non-excludable. Many countries reap the benefits, while contributing nothing. This is known as “free-ridership”. The US provides public goods in the form of common security orders in Asia and the EU, humanitarian intervention, cheap oil, lender of last resort, consumer of last resort, open oceans, free trade, nuclear disarmament, defense against terrorism, international security, control of infectious diseases, etc. For example, the US encourages free trade policies so that they can benefit, but in the process all non-American competitive businesses do as well. The same can be said for halting terrorism, piracy, diseases, etc. Therefore, if most countries are benefiting from a relatively benign state, then there is no reason to depose them from their hegemonic status. Likewise, no country is poised to overtake the US in the near future. Russia, India, Brazil, and of course China are common candidates for overturning US hegemony. However, Russia has a serious health crisis with sinking birthrate, pointing to a slow economy. India has very low levels of literacy (43%) and only 5% of scientists in India are acceptable employees by the US or the EU. India has a low number of patents as well despite its vibrant economy. Brazil’s infrastructure is vastly inadequate with corruption, inequality, and the highest murder rate in the world. China’s growth is unsustainable as a result of the One-Child Policy and the aging population that has resulted. China suffers from a “Bare-Branches” problem whereby their preference for male children has left 23 million Chinese unable to marry and start a family. Transparency International named the Chinese economy to be the most corrupt in the world. I cannot make a sufficient argument with only 2000 characters; however, if you are interested I suggest you read Joseph Nye’s “The Future of American Power” in Foreign Affairs Vol. 89 No. 6