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The Best Plans Project
Herzliya, Israel

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English, Hebrew

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Conflict Analysis & Resolution, Personal Development, Business Development, Business Management

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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be solved when there are plans that most Israelis and most Palestinians understand, believe that they can work with mutual and international support and improve their life over continuing the current conflict situation.

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Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

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What you are willing to do to help me (translators between Hebrew, Arabic and English and creative web developers especially wanted). What I can do to help your effort.

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Doron Tzur
Posted about 2 years ago
How can we recruit volunteers, resources and ideas for a project working to actually resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
Hi Herald, All people want to get past the conflict. Some of them DESIRE for this to happen by the physical or symbolic destruction of some party, others work for such destruction because they see no other choice. Our question for any single person is what are ALL the plans you are willing to approve in a referendum. See our web site for further details. I hop this answers your question...