Egidius Kuhlmann

founder Stichting Pyrolysium,
Arnhem, Netherlands

About Egidius


Dutch, English, German

An idea worth spreading is a web platform for the promotion and development of pyrolysis as an efficient way to dispose of human remains using the least amount of energy possible.

Pyrolysium limits the use of scarce fossil fuels by requiring less material to burn and lower temperatures to burn it at, reducing the formation of carbon dioxide. It turns human remains into biochar, a process which also greatly reduces the amount of carbon dioxide produced.

Pyrolysium is a low-tech, viable alternative to current standard burial and cremation practices and to expensive modern high-tech alternatives, which are based on the assumption of endless resources and which depend on sophisticated practices and steady supply lines. will be a forum for collaboration in an “open source” kind of way to improve, develop and divulge this idea, and to make sure that it is not patented so that it is available to the whole human race as a tool on the down-slope towards a sustainable future.

I'm passionate about

Reading about peak-oil, overpopulation, “Terra Preta” and biochar in 2009 and after making batches biochar for soil improvement from garden residue, I thought, why not make biochar from corpses.

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