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ronald emmanuel
Posted over 3 years ago
What are your thoughts on the three great dilemma's of life, Human Evil, Suffering and Death, that Billy Graham spoke about?
I tend to agree with you Zack K. I see death as a relief. Imagine if we couldn't die. Feeling pain from accidents and ailments all your life. A natural part of the experience is to die. Having said that, death as we have been taught to understand it may not necessarily be that way. Why would a man be born, to die forever? After all, we have the gift of 'LIFE', that is significant. Whatever befalls us we will always LIVE. And so when my time expires in this experience, I shall be moving on without dilemna..... As for evil, it's like darkness and light. There really isn't a thing such as darkness, it's really an absence of light. An absence of good is perceived as evil. Just as there are degrees of light, likewise there are levels to which humans will distance themselves from what is natural and good. If you were in opposition to God, what would your works be? Human suffering is another Social Disease. We go to great lengths in our quest for progress. So much so that in our insatiable desire to fit into this fake world that we have created, loads of people get brushed aside. Our policies domestic and exported affect people unknown to us, our demand for things 'new' create deserts and lay waste forests, our current lifestyle trends are anti-existence, even ours. We are all suffering.