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Founder & CEO, Hyphos
West Hollywood, CA, United States

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Alex Capecelatro
Posted about 2 years ago
How do we make social networking about being social again? The idea of bringing people back offline in the online world we live in.
In regard to the Clay Shirky talk, I think this works if you have a large following on Twitter, but it's tough if you're a regular person and don't have a lot of nearby followers. To your second point, I think there's a time in our life (after college, before we hit 30) where we are actively looking to engage and build our network. I think this slows down as we get into our mid-30s and 40s, and then picks up again as we get into our 50s/60s. It's not about maximizing the number of connections so much as the desire to connect on a deep level with people who "get us", IMO.