Giuliano Milan

Jundiai - Sp, Brazil

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Published writer in Brazil and Portugal with two book titles: ¨É Preciso Pouco Para Ser Feliz" (You Need Little To Be Joyful) and "Relacionamentos Que Dão Certo" (Relationships That Work).
Lived in Canada, Spain and United States.
Studied Management with focus on human behaviour.
Developed his own meditation techniques and mental exercises of visualization and focus, a technique free from religious bias based on current medical researches. Aplies this technique with professional athletes and leaders of diverse fields in Brazil looking for a boost of motivation, increase in their overal perfomance and well being.


English, Portuguese, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Writing, Motivation and Inspiration, Creativity (Individual and Group), Inspiring action and change, Speaker - Inspiration, Sports Training

An idea worth spreading

Human mind has incredible powers, those studying more about it and using it in new ways are creating life not short of the world miracles.

Life both inner and outer life, both in micro or macro spheres, moves within the same logic. In other words, it is all the same no matter where you look at. Be it your thoughts, the way a river flows to the ocean, a planet moves, an atom behaves, it is all under the same logic of existance. Being that so, life is obvious and is urging us to more fully understand how it works and how we can better enjoy it once we do so.

I'm passionate about

Life! Living it, understanding it, observing it, improving it, researching about it, thinking about it, all about it! :-)



Talk to me about

Constantly looking at everything with interest, observing, thinking, drawing new conclusions and having insights. non stop!

People don't know I'm good at

Cooking, laughing, playing an having fun.

My TED story

Love TED, watch almost every speach learning from it.

Comments & conversations

Giuliano Milan
Posted over 3 years ago
How does life/death manifest itself in the human brain? Is brain death the ultimate end stage of life?
I really think the brain is a digestive organ as it is our intestines and stomaches... In that I say the brain is capable of processing "food" energy impulses into thoughts and ideas... the challenge then becomes to prove where this energy impulses come from... since food is real and we can touch and chew it, its is easier to know that we process food within our bodies. But it seems to me that our minds is likely to, through mental focus, "eat" ideas and thoughts from an outside place from us, thus we can think and process these thoughts within our brains, but they weren´t there all the time, as the food was not there until we ate them and it won´t remain there forever for we will use and eliminate part of it. As science starts thinking about this posibility the first question will be: where are the plantation fields of thoughts we, through focus, feed our minds upon? Can we track this web of intelligence outside of ourselves, how this web gets connected with human brain, or the animals brains? I mean what is the point of connection and contact? If you think about any subject and focus upon it most likely ideas and thoughts about it will show up in your mind, this "show up" process that we need to explore further. Where do they come from? For like food, thoughts and ideas come from somewhere, that I can assure you. And they also move through us out transformed back to a "mental environment" as real as our "physical environment" where, we too, release our processed food and liquids we ingested... This is a logical thinking, crazy, but logical, isn´t it?? :)
Giuliano Milan
Posted over 3 years ago
Can technology replace human intelligence?
Yes, I believe we can replace part of human intelligence with machines! But this thing is that we can only replace the part of human intelligence we discoverd within ourselves with machines, this means that as we evolve and find more intelligence within our brains we can then replace this new found intelligence with machines. So, human will always be ahead of machines and not the other way around. Infinity to grasp and master! My opinion...