Víctor García Vargas

Language teacher / Translator, School and Community development
Lima, Peru

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English, French and Spanish teacher, graduated at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Perú.


English, French, Spanish

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An idea worth spreading

"Do not squander time, this is the stuff life is made of"

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Reading, Music, Painting, Drawing, Swimming.

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Víctor García Vargas
Posted almost 3 years ago
Has technology accelerated human evolution?
I understand that evolution has a positive sense, it means to change from one determined state to a better one qualitatively speaking. It is true that today humans enjoy more efficient technological devices, technology that has affected the way they think, behave and live; however, the effects are not necessarily good. No evolution involves the destruction of a species' environment, no evolution involves the drive for a species to kill each other, no evolution involves the improvement of means to keep amassing fortunes, keep getting power and keep controling society at the expense of others of their own kind's suffering and death. That is involution.
Víctor García Vargas
Posted over 3 years ago
What does society means to you? And, do you think ours is working?
In essence, society entails some kind of agreements among all inhabiting a determined territory in order to coexist as peaceful as possible. Not respecting those agreements leads sonner or later to anarchy. There we can see what is going on in some African countries where political factions are fighting against each other for decades, making human life almost impossible to prosper.