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Founder and Architect, Resolve and results.
Spokane, WA, United States

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World citizen human rights and outer space advocate, we all can make choices in are life so lets make choices that make a lasting impact. it one thing to say it but make change takes hard work and greater sacrifice sometimes. Im studying new ideas resources and what is possible to build a better world. I respect all life and indaviuals thanks to new technologies ideas and people careing enough to try the world will get better i cant fix all the world problems by myself but with the rest of the world its possible. small changes with lots of people can and will make big changes in the world.



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An idea worth spreading

even if you try to change the world only half the world will agree with you? we need a world priority list and make it transparent and understood.

I'm passionate about

World Asking the questions and making solutions. what is possible and why it matters? cherishing all life and protecting it.

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making small changes with people to make bigger changes in the world.

People don't know I'm good at

getting people to make long lasting changes.

My TED story

I created a conversation with fellow members about taking action and working togeather to resovle a horrible situation. if terms and conditions on this website stop real human progress and collabration then what was the point? if not here then what is the point of ted?

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Solidus Sharp
Posted over 3 years ago
How do we make Bureaucracy sexy? i understand your busy and have prioritys and thats were i think we all need to focus. we all have short attention spans because of are own intrests my opinion not that is if time money resources are the factors to resolving threating current issues we should construct a new kind of crisis managment orginazation like the red cross but with more authority? I would like your insight to my solution to current world priorities we all want resolved. Governments use armies to combat their interest if this can be made into a world topic it has the potential to end wars. we connect the dots before the decision makers try and feed the people a ultimatum? please pass this idea to your friends if you find the time we could make this real and possible in a matter of weeks thanks to the interment maybe faster, ok be well
Solidus Sharp
Posted over 3 years ago
An online implementation of consensus-based direct democracy.
you can try to change the world but you'll only get half of the world to agree with you. also for any real change to be of value its got to be lasting and consistent.asking us at ted wont make this possible don't the hard work will if you make that choice ill support it if you get it made and soon.