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Beth Magin
Posted over 3 years ago
Reviving corals -- how can your community maintain the living sea sculptures?
Hi, Yes - the dive schools could very well be a good route, if it was sold to them as way to promote their businesses. They wouldn't have a business if they didn't have beautiful coral. Also, I don't know a single diver that wants to see coral areas die or have them available to dive in. You could try dive shops as well as around the country and get them to do/offer eco-dive tours where people interested in diving as well as helping to save coral environments. These divers might want to go to the locations throughout the year and help in the maintenance of the project put in place while getting some diving in! I have also see the damage people have done to highly used dive areas like Egypt. If they don't do something to save the coral soon they really won't have a business. That could be a great place to start as they may have more money and interest in saving what hey know is dying and damaged. The plaque ideas is good too Asha!