About Matt


Born 1977. Matt founded Management Training and Language Institute CETraining in 2000 after successfully completing his bachelor and master degrees at the University of Greenwich and at Birmingham City University respectively.

Matt Beadle offers business executives high-quality training in his unique and humorous way. His training events can be held in German or English.

Matt's areas of expertise are Presentation Techniques, Telephone Training, Meeting Management, Facilitation and Team Building Events. In these and other subjects, Matt has trained many top managers in Germany and the UK.

His clients include Paderborn Airport, RTL, Disney, SHARP, the German Inland Revenue, Lufthansa, Phoenix Contact, Hettich GmbH, universities and the state of Lower Saxony. Matt is the author of three management skills books which focus on presentation techniques and were published by the Cornelsen Publishing House and have been published in English, German and Polish. In addition to his work as a management trainer, Matt is also the head of the foreign languages faculty at the University of Applied Sciences, Bielefeld, Germany.

He will be beginning his Doctorate in Business Administration (area of research intercultural advertising language) in October 2012 and is married, has 2 children, is a Chelsea FC fan and sings in a band.


English, German

Areas of Expertise

Management Training & Consulting, Linguisitcs, Teaching, Speaking and Training

An idea worth spreading

Every day is a school day!

I'm passionate about

Eliminating bullet points in dull presentations, showing the world what a beautiful language English is and learning something new every day.

Talk to me about

Lingustics, language, football, presentations, teaching, facilitating, management training

People don't know I'm good at

...video editing

My TED story

First heard about TED through Garr Reynold's famous Authors at Google presentation. I have since become a TED addict. I love modern presentation techniques and consider Jill Bolte Taylor's, Deb Roy's and Sir Ken Robinson's to be some of the finest TED talks.

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